Thieves amongst the music industry

Nowadays originality in the music industry seems far-fetched, this may well be due to the competition artists have brought to the music industry throughout previous years, or we’ve simply ran out of ideas. Originality has recently become more and more challenging compared to ingenuity of music brought about by the 20th century, yet it is not impossible to achieve. Well, we can only hope so.

Nearly all artists rely on inspiration, which can bring about rich musical art, however sometimes there seems a fine line between inspiration and replication. Leaving us with the question, what happened to originality? And is it still reachable in the music industry?

The originality of music began to rise around the era of Jazz and Blues towards the end of the 19th century and on through the 20th century. Jazz had been around for years before that however in different forms, in my opinion blues helped to transform jazz. Folk music is also a traditional form of music and has expanded due to that of other genre influences like that of rock and blues music. Then came the sixties, which brought about the importance and richness of rock music, as we know it, the base of all genres and a genre hard to hate. Rock music from; blues-rock, alternative-rock, psychedelic-rock and most importantly rock and roll. This era brought about the explosion of cultural and political trends and the start of freedom of the expression. Without the impact of the 1960’s, music wouldn’t be where it is today.

Music carried on to flourish from the mid 20th century, where artists would come up with new forms of music and influence amongst one another to create different sounds, sounds that are rich and original in there own way. But can they truly be original if artists have taken influence? Technically not but without knowing the inspiration they’ve taken, you view their works as original. I’m not criticising influence, but I feel there is a fine line between similarity and influence and I feel the foundation of music should have more recognition due what it’s created.

The flourish of music soon began to become tangled through the influence of one another and a new century let the expansion of music hit a hypothetical musical wall. Great music became rare yet still possible through the cracks in the wall. Originality disappeared and great music now stems from that of what we’ve already heard. Due to the vastness that came with the sparks of culture in the 20th century, it is hard to not take influence. Therefore originality has been stolen and is now hard to grasp. As an individual who wasn’t fortunate enough to live in such an era of cultural enrichment and expansion I can only hope there is still room for originality to flower.

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