Rock ‘n’ Roll Stars

Oasis: the Rock, Brit-pop band with the famously talented yet sharply arrogant Gallagher brothers. Such a band is hard to dislike with their engaging attitudes and universally lovable music. Liam and Noels relationship remained a predominant fragile fragment within the band due to their clashing personalities, it was hard for them not to have their indifferences, especially with such vast success. However such indifferences lead the band to move on with their lives and accept their successes, to then settle down and move on. Despite their separation they’re still admired today, and rightly encouraged to reunite. A lot of Oasis’ inspiration stemmed from their love of the Beatles and the famous Liam’s howl in his voice is iconic like that of John Lennon’s, of course iconic in their own way however similar in how the sounds stand out in the same way through their music.


Our top 5:

  1. D’yer wanna be a spaceman
  2. Cigarettes & alcohol
  3.  Rock ‘n’ roll star
  4. The masterplan
  5. She’s electric


John Lennon howl:

  • Don’t let me down

Liam Gallagher howl:

  • Rock ‘n’ rock star

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