Massive Attack Live

The Bristolian collective Trip Hop band started making their music in the early 90’s, and have recently made their debut performances in London, early February in the 02 academy Brixton. My friend and I saw Massive Attack on the 3rd of February.

Here we were lucky enough to experience the pioneering band of Trip Hop, who are still richly diverse in such a unique genre of music. We were also fortunate enough to see their live collaborations with Mercury award winners ‘Young fathers’ and the Bristolian Godfather of Trip Hop ‘Tricky.’ Like few bands Massive attack refreshingly have a variety of different sounds in each of their songs, making each song unique.

Being able to witness such a performance was so special and I was simply amazed with intense yet sharply adept performance delivered. Their mix of carefully thought out electronic sounds combined with the voices of talented solo artists, and a display of relevant political topics; through an aesthetically shocking light display, brought about a powerful performance. This was my first time at Brixton academy, the venue itself was perfectly fitting for the band with a great amount of space which of course was completely filled with an enthusiastic crowd.

The band played a range of songs from most of their albums, and created a forfilled atmosphere. The day we saw them unfortunately they didn’t play their beloved 90’s hit ‘unfinished symphony’ leaving some of us frustrated. However their impressive performance and other live hits made up for it. 

Our top 5 songs:

  1. Paradise circus
  2. Unfinished symphony
  3. Be thankful for what you’ve got 
  4. Karma coma
  5. Teardrop

(like most bands it’s hard to narrow down five of their best song when there are so many great songs, here it is hard as in my opinion there isn’t one song I dislike on their album ‘Blue lines’ that of which is worth a listen.)

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