Aha shake heartbreak

An album so rich and loveable it’s hard not to like. When I first started getting into music this was one of the first albums I recognised the bands name ‘the kings of Leon’ in my dads CD collection. At the age where I began to grow out of the ‘now that’s what I call and ‘pop party’ phase, I spotted a familiar name out of his vast collection. 

For the first time I’d chosen an album of my choice without knowing a single song I bravely yet cautiously put it on our speakers. Instantly I began to enjoy this new music, and recognised a few songs from when my dad had previously attempted to give me my ‘musical education’ which unfortunately I failed to listen to, but now of course can’t stop listening to. Of course there are other albums that beat this album by far, but in its own sense it is rock is loveable and approachable at those who can appreciate any age. 

Our top 5 (Kings of Leon songs)

  1. On call
  2. King of the Rodeo 
  3. Temple 
  4. Sex on fire 
  5. Closer 

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