Mac Demarco live

Mac Demarco live- what an experience. This much anticipated gig was completely worth the wait. Sadly due to transport we arrived late and missed his first two songs, including the popular song ‘salad days’ but despite arriving late we managed to enjoy what we saw of this talented and admirably down to earth artist. 

Not only did he play his mersmerizing synthy songs well, he engaged the audience with his odd yet strangely relatable humour by sharing his whacky thoughts between songs, sparking laughter along side the enjoyment his live songs were bringing. Carelessly he told us how much he was craving a specific bagel and got the crowd to chant the name of the bagel, and then said aloud how he wondered what it would sound like if the whole crowd farted. Carrying on, he then broke into song after receiving a response from his obscure humour. Strangely this engaged the audience and gave the performance a more personal touch. Overall it was refreshing to see an artist with a fair amount of fame to not take themselves seriously and be themself.

The youthful buzzing rush of Brixton academy always seems to spark pure excitement, and there was a amicable atmosphere amongst his audience which felt comforting to be part of. Although I may have chosen the set list slightly differently he still brought forward a brilliant performance and I found myself liking his new album a lot more since.  His new album ‘this old dog’ seems to differ from the other two in a sense they are more acoustically laid back, however the guy manages to pull this slightly different stylistic approach off. Who knows his next album may be different from all three, who knows what this whacky beloved guy has in store for his growing circle of fans. 

Top 5: 

  1. Blue boy 
  2. Still beating
  3. Passing out the pieces
  4. My kind of women 
  5. Ode to victory 

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