Songs that will brighten your summer

Here I’ve made a playlist of some selected songs of different genres (both old and new) that’ll make your summer as upbeat as in can be despite England’s poor summer weather this year. Make your warm(ish) days brighter and relaxed, opening your mind to music you may not have heard but may well enjoy.

Little wing, by Jimi Hendrix.  An older song for those of you who enjoy your rock music this is one of the best songs to kick back to and appreciate Hendrix universally loved talent.

The Look, by The Metronomy. This electronic indie band, have recently become vastly successful and have headlined the last year of The Secret Garden Party, and made an appearance at several other festivals this year including Glastonbury.

Beam me up, Midnight Magic. After hearing this song in a cafe I instantly shazam’ed it, and have listened to it many times since. This Electronic Jazzy band have created a perfect uplifting yet relaxing song, which is fitting to brightening your summer.

Holy city, by Joan As Police woman. This current brilliant American female vocalistic composed this uniquely feel good song, which is well worth a listen. ‘Holy city is taken from her fourth album ‘The classic’.

Sunny, by Bobby Hebb. Bobby Hebb’s distinctively loving soul voice, brings us this perfect uplifting classic summer song, with a fitting title. This soul singers deep, melodic voice makes it hard not to love his music.

If she wants me, Belle & Sebastian. Possibly the sweetest song by Belle & Sebastian about friendship, will help you to relax and perk up this summer. The 90’s Scottish indie band are still continuing to deliver music to match our low moods and also raise our spirits.

Uptown Top Ranking, by Althea and Donna. A brilliant reggae song, will allow to feel almost ironically exotic in this English summer. This late 70’s song by such a melodic female duo, is hard not to play out load.

Be thankful for what you got, William DeVaughn. This song is the best for the deepest relaxation this summer. If you’re detoxing from any stresses this mellow song is ideal. Although William Devaughn soul loving voice is flawless, the trip hop band Massive attack also do a great cover, which is equally as relaxing.

You & Me song, by the Wannadies. A song famously used in the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, is perfect for all those loved up this summer. This boosting song is hard not to like if you’re the right mood.

There she goes, by the La’s. Another laid back indie rock song, from The La’s a brilliant Liverpudlian band.

feel good inc, by Gorillaz. If you don’t recognise this song you probably should, this widely loved enthralling feel a good song with yet another fitting name for feeling uplifted this summer. Gorillaz dancing  electronic feel makes this song what it is.

Lets go surfing, by the Drums. Lastly another lovable indie song allowing you to feel better this summer. The Drums are a fairly new and upcoming American band formed in 2008, and have become quite popular among their targeted indie crowd.

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