Reading Festival 2017

Luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to go to a few great UK festivals so far, including Latitude Festival and Wildlife festival and recently Reading festival. Despite the brilliance of those two, Reading festival tops every music event I’ve had the pleasure of being part of.

This festival was full of a youthful buzz, and great music seemed to be on constantly. As everyone is aware its not the calmest of festivals but I thought that made it more of a unique experience sparking excitement throughout the weekend.

The three headliners (in order) included; Kasabian, Eminem and Muse. All headliners performed immensely to a crowd of around 80,000 fans. Kasabian gave a brilliant performance in which they included a fitting of a cover of Nirvana and Daft punk. The Leicester duo, who released their latest album ‘For Crying Out Loud‘ earlier this year, seemed more than pleased to be part of such a appreciative crowd. Eminem brought about an unforgettable show, with explosive energy spreading across his crowd of fans. I felt very lucky to be part of the experience from what has been rumoured to be one of his last UK performances. Muse, who are said to be one of the best live bands delivered an ecstatic performance, with a great sound and light display, it was hard to not want to push through the crowd to get closer to this band.

Aside from the headliners the festival was full of highlights, including Major Lazer, Loyle Carner, Shy FX, Milky Chance, Liam Gallagher and many more. After such an thrilling experience I would definitely recommend to any young festival goers.

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