Bowie’s impact

Through the power of pop music and through his powerful image, fashion and make-up, David Bowie created permission across society. He defied gender stereotypes allowing others to express themselves freely across the gender spectrum.

His mainstream appeal opened the doors for individuals to begin to express themselves in ways that society had previously frowned upon

This mainly affected the youth of Britain and other nations, allowing people freer expression and breaking down barriers, especially for those who had previously suppressed feelings concerning the topic of homosexuality.

Bowie’s bold persona and on-stage characters he created such a Ziggie Stardust opened societies minds blossoming imagination, and creativity. Bowie most importantly taught others it was cool to be gay. Bowie took other art forms such as mime, art, and acting – channeling these into his musical performances and changing genre of pop. This in itself opened up and brought often obscure art forms to `a wider audience

Throughout Bowie’s career he inspired fans, celebrities, stylists and fashion designers alike, from John Paul Gal T. A. to Lady Gaga.

Our top 5 Bowie Songs:

  1. Starman
  2. Rebel Rebel
  3. Let’s dance
  4. Moonage daydream
  5. Changes


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