Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan along with writing his universally loved songs and literature through lyrics he was much involved as a humanitarian as wrote songs along side of the civil rights movement with great support. The 1960s was a decade of liberation for music, public opinion, dance, invention, and the greater awareness of the evil of racism. It was these changes in society that influenced Dylan to write music that would in turn, help change society itself.

Coming from a background of traditional folk storytelling, he was able to turn the ballad format into a more topical storytelling technique. When Bob’s girlfriend Suze Rotolo, who was heavily in the civil rights movement. asked him to write some songs for the organization.

His first song was called, “The Death of Emmett Till.” This song raised a lot of heads and create a massive awareness of this terrible incident.  It was about the brutal murder of a black boy in 1955, 15 yr. old Emmett Till, who was killed because he whistled at a white girl. However, Dylan did not stop there. He also wrote other songs dealing with incidents of the time. This was the beginning of Bob Dylan’s career.

Our top 5 Dylan songs

  1. Like a rolling stone
  2. Hurricane
  3. Simple twist of fate
  4. Buckets of rain
  5. Blowin’ in the wind

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