Flume- Live review

November 2016 I was lucky enough to have seen the electronic dance musician/dj Flume, at a perfectly fitting venue- Alexandria palace, London. Hes not all that different from other young upcoming electronic producers. J Dilla and Flying Lotus, started tinkering with production when he was barely a teenager, and still makes music in his parents’ basement. While his approach to warped sound owes much to Dilla, Flume’s aesthetic can be compared to SBTRKT‘s integration of R&B’s bedside intimacy with distant beats and silky voiced female singers.

He opened with his famous song ‘On Top ft. T.Shirt’ after a teasingly long introduction. Working hand in hand with the synchronised mesmerising light display, the crowd lost themselves in the electric trance his music brought about. Bopping in unison, you could tell that everyone present was dedicated to his sound. ‘Tiny Cities’ was the last played song, and whilst it may not have been the most prominent track on the album, the bass and vocals became atmospheric and immersive bringing together such a great show.

Top 5 Flume songs:

  1. Free
  2. Never be like you
  3. Drop the game
  4. Holding on
  5. On top

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