Talking heads

Little creatures brilliant songs including “And She Was” and “Road to Nowhere,” two of the band’s very best songs. Opening the album, “And She Was” is maybe the most radio-friendly song Byrne ever wrote.

The lyrics are simple, the music is simple and the melody, well, its catchy too, but it all adds up to an easily enjoyable track that will make even the grouchiest soul enjoy listening.

Between “And She Was” and “Road to Nowhere,” of course, there are several other songs such as “Perfect World” also just simply as catchy and  “Television Man” which to me is definitely worth a listen. Though none of it is anything terribly earth-shattering. “Give Me Back My Name,” for instance, features some great guitar work. And “Creatures of Love,” in all of its catchy glory, is almost as strong a pop song as “And She Was.” You even get “Stay Up Late,” a strong, piano-fueled track that reminds me a lot of Elephant-era White Stripes. It’s catchy, full of energy and it might just be the best Talking Heads album to listen to on long road trips since their 1977 debut.

My top 5:

  1. This must be the place
  2. Road to nowhere
  3. And she was
  4. Perfect world
  5. Psycho killer

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